Frequently Asked question

Is it easy to install?

Absolutely! Wall panels and roof trusses are clearly labelled for on-site assembly. Electrical and plumbing holes can be pre-punched to assist other tradespeople. It is compatible with your choice of floor, wall, ceiling and roof materials.

Does it have the flexibility for all designs?

Yes. Steel’s structural strength allows excellent spanning ability, a natural for today’s wide open spaces and outdoor living. Whatever your design, steel-framing suits both concrete slab and sub floor construction and it’s ideal for steep, hilly sites.

Is it affordable?

Yes. Innovative steel-frame technology means pricing is competitive with other quality framing systems. It is a premium quality product that sets the benchmark. Discerning buyers are increasingly demanding steel frames because they remain straight and true even when exposed to harsh weather.

Why build in steel?

Very simply, a frame made of steel is a high quality product. It represents value for money and brings peace of mind. A steel frame is light and strong, it will not burn, it is termite, borer, and fungus-proof, and it will not shrink or warp. It is environmentally responsible, low on life cycle energy usage, recyclable and saves valuable timber resources.