One of Perth’s leading Steel Fabrication companies, Steeltruss is dedicated to providing the best in steel production, manufacturing and implementation.

Structural Certification

Steel Truss Solutions WA is committed to quality. We strive to achieve and maintain a management system that is working towards meeting the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard. It is our commitment to quality and standards that is our goal to pass on to our customers.

Every Steel Truss Solutions WA frame is certified through the purchase of BlueScope Steel. This certification is based on the requirements set out by the relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Our steel frames and roof trusses carry a fifty year warranty (conditions apply).

Building Standards

Steel Truss Solutions WA products are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. The performance requirements followed are based on the relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. Refer to the lists below for further details;

  • AS/NZS 4600 – 2005, Cold formed steel structures
  • AS 3623 – 1993, Domestic Metal Framing
  • AS 4100 – 1998, Steel Structures
  • AS 4055 – 2006, Wind Loads for Housing
  • AS 1170, Part-1 2002 Structural Design Actions – Permanent, Imposed and Other Actions
  • AS 1170, Part-2 2002 Structural Design Actions – Wind Loads
  • NASH, Part-1 2005, Design Criteria, Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing
The Building Code of Australia Volumes:
  • BCA Volume 2, Part 3.4.2 Steel Framing
  • BCA Volume 2, Part 3.1.3 Termite Risk Management
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